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Afghan-Pakistan delegations agree on establishing mechanism on Durand line

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2016)


Afghanistan- Pakistan delegations have agreed on establishing of a mechanism along the Durand line, amid the construction of the military installation from Pakistan side has also been stopped officials in Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Meanwhile experts have stated that Durand line is the Historical problem both countries can’t resolve the following issue by using its military power.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Spokesman Khairullah Khairkhaw said,” both sides have agreed on a mechanism, for further approval the following issue will be discussed in Shanghai summit,.”

He also urged that construction military installation from Pakistan side has been stopped, saying any possible sources will used to stop any intervention of Pakistan.

“ If Pakistan continues to its intervention, we will not stay calm, we will use any possible sources to stop the intervention Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Spokesman Khairullah Khairkhaw said,”

Experts have urged that Pakistan has been exerting pressures on Afghanistan since decades to continue to its military installation on the Durand line.

Military expert Jawid Khohistani said,” there will be no solution unless a huge gathering to resolve the following issue, Afghanistan and Pakistan can’t resolve the issue by using their military power, United Nations should be mediating to end this problem, Afghan officials are speaking with dual languages, this will encourage Pakistan to do arbitrary action, Government of Afghanistan should express it clear position and end the disputes.”

The recent armed clashes erupted in between the Afghanistan Security forces and Pakistani military forces on illegal military construction installation which killed dozen and injured several others.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi

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