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Afghan officials will attend Warsa summit with achievements: Arg

(Last Updated On: June 07, 2016 4:10 pm)



Officials in Presidential palace have stated that Afghan officials will attend the Warsa summit with full preparation implementing about all the commitments of the International community.

Meanwhile President Ashraf Ghani has tasked the Afghanistan’s cabinet to spend 80 percent of development budgets for the year of 2016.

Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee Commissioner John Tiswa said,” Warsa summit is an opportunity for Afghan Government to indicate its achievements on combating corruption, we have recorded 31 corrupted cases on laundering of money, this will be an achievement.”

Senator Gulalay Akbari said,” Corruption got wider, trafficking of Narcotic drugs still ways of gaining huge money, Government of Afghanistan should have plan and defend for it.”

“Afghanistan officials should attend the summit with a clear policy, to draw more aids from International community for the country Senator GulAhmad Azimi said,”

Meanwhile President Deputy Spokesman Dawakhan Minapal said,” Afghan officials will attend with full preparation and achievements in Warsa summit, we have fulfilled what the International community wanted us on reformation.”

Since the National Unity Government established it pursued Kabul Bank corruption case, has introduced six corrupted figures in Ministry of rural and housing.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh


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