Afghan officials sign contract of 300 mega watt electricity with ADB

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2016)


Afghan officials have signed the contract of the 300 mega watt electricity with Asian Development Bank to light the central provinces of Afghanistan, the electricity cable for Bamyan province is derived from Doshe district of Baghlan province.

Afghan officials have stated that the following project work construction will start incoming month and will be accomplished by 1919.

The following 300 mega watt electricity is derived from 500 mega watt electricity coming from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan.

Head of the Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat Hedyatullah Delawari said,” the practical cabling process will begin on October 2017 and it will end on 2018, and financial aids have been paid by the Asian Development Bank ADB.”

Meanwhile Minister of Rural and housing Sayed Mansour sadaat Nadiri said,” the following 500 mega watt electricity coming from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan through Salang pass will light the central provinces of Afghanistan.”

Bamyan and other central provinces of Afghanistan didn’t access electricity since the transitional Government up to National Unity Government in Afghanistan, officials in Government of Afghanistan promise the residents in central provinces that after 3 more years they will enjoy electricity in their houses.

Reported by Nusrat Parsa

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