Afghan Notes Loses its Values: Money Exchangers

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2015)



A number of money ex changers in Shazada Market where all kinds of currencies are being changed have expressed their concerns on reckless way of keeping Afghan currency, saying Afghans do not pay attention on keep Afghan currency.

They have warned if the current condition continues Afghan currency will lose its values within the markets.

Afghani Notes presents the National Identity of the country, unfortunately its being exchanged and kept recklessly.

Head of the money ex changer Khan Mohammad said,” if any of us do not pay attention to keep the Afghan currency on its standard way, it will lose its values.”

Kabul resident Wahid has blamed the Government for not paying attention on keeping Afghan currency in its standard way,our Government do have problems on political and economic aspects.

The other Kabul resident Khalid said,” when the Afghan currency becomes old enough no one is willing to exchange it,therefor its everyone responsibility to keep the Afghan currency in its standard way.”

The concerns come after that some of the provinces located in east,west and south of the country while purchasing necessary materials do not use Afghan currency (Afghani) rupees.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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