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Afghan National Power lifters to Attend World Competition Matches in India

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2014)

Power lifters

The Afghanistan National power lifters will attend the World competition power lifting matches which will be held on 16th of December in Jamshidpor city of India on Monday.

The following competitions will begin on 16th of December where 22 Afghan power lifters attend the matches.

Afghan National power lifters have been into US Texas city for competition two months earlier who have received 14 gold medals and one bronze.

Head of the Afghanistan power lifter federation Khoja Farid Sediqi has talked about the necessary measurements for getting ready the Afghan power lifters for the following matches since six months.

One of the Afghan power lifters has told to Ariana News we are ready to bring several golden medals home when we get back from the matches which will be held in India.

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