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Afghan Mubariz defeats Russian MMA fighter

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2016)

13179192_10154192754223910_7654032046132996531_nThe Afghan Mixed Martial Art (MMA) athlete Baz Mohammad Mubariz defeated Maksim Katkov, his Russian opponent, during OFS 8.

Afghan Mubariz had a great win against his opponent, the Russian MMA champion, during the initial seconds of the first round of the match.

He ended the game in his favor downing Katkov with a rear naked choke submission.

Afghan MMA fighter was challenged by his rival following his victory against Russia’s Amir Satarov.

Katkov who was defeated by Mubariz is one of the prominent MMA fighters in Russia who have a record of four victories out of five fights ahead of his game against Mubariz.

Mubariz secured first place in “Striking Eagles” fighting contest which was organized by Absolute Championship Berkut and received 7,516 votes during the contest which was held for a period of two weeks in the month of October.

He was selected among the 30 fighters of the world by ACB during the initial phases of the contest where 450 fighters from different countries participated.

Following Mubariz great win on Sunday night a large number of Afghans including governmental officials, politicians and youths praised Mubariz for his great victory and his photos goes viral on social networks.

Written by: Hesamuddin Hesam

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