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Afghan MPs Express Anger Over Iranian President Dam Remarks

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2017)

Afghan parliamentarians on Wednesday expressed anger over Iranian president’s remarks against construction of water dams in Afghanistan.

“As a neighboring country, I would like to request Iranian high-ranking officials not to interfere in Afghanistan’s water, security, cultural and geographical affairs,” Deputy Speaker of the Lower House Hamayoun Hamayoun said.

Recently, during an international conference Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has expressed concern regarding Afghanistan’s dam projects.

Lawmakers accused Tehran for interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs since the last 40 years.

“Iran cannot accept the construction of Kamal Khan, Salma, and Kajaki dams. Iran has interfered in Afghanistan’s affairs during the past 40 years,” MP Nader Khan Katawazi representative of Paktika province claimed.

Afghanistan water dam projects aim to regulate the waters for agriculture and electricity production; therefore, lawmakers emphasize on the quick implementation of these projects.

Criticizing the national unity government leaders, Ramazan Bashardoost said,” first of all, Afghanistan’s water dams must be build”. He accused Afghan leaders for dealing over Salma and Kamal Khan dams with Iran in signing the Chabahar port agreement.

“You have kept us busy with civil wars and misused all our material and spiritual capitals including our waters. Iran shows sensitivity as they see we can control our waters anymore,” MP Nazifa Zakai expressed.

President Ashraf Ghani has approved construction of 29 large, medium, and small dams and earlier said the neighboring countries of Afghanistan should not be concerned regarding the construction of water dams and networks in the country as it benefits Afghans and the region.

By Elaha Omari & Hesamuddin Hesam

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