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Afghan Minister’s Nominees to Receive Votes on Wednesday

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2015)

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Lower house of the parliament willing to begin voting process for the Minister’s Nominees on coming Wednesday (Tomorrow)

Heads of the international relationship and central auditing committees of the lower house the parliament have stated that we will begin voting process for the minister’s nominees tomorrow Wednesday.

Meanwhile Afghan Governmental officials have also said,” we will soon introduce the new successors of those Ministers Nominees having dual-citizenship and had been rejected by the Afghan lawmakers.”

21 Minister’s nominees including chief National security directorate have been introduced to Afghan parliament so far, despite two new ministers of Justice and information and culture were introduced to the house and the Women minister nominee yet to provide reliable documentations for the culture committee of the lower house of the parliament to receive trust votes, representatives in the house have decided to begin voting for the other 18 Ministers and chief of NDS on Wednesday.

Head of the International relationship committee in lower house Abdul QadirZazay has said,” either the voting process begins early morning or in the afternoon tomorrow due to some issues over the existed documentation provided by the nominee of the Women ministry.”

Meanwhile the CEO office deputy spokesman Asif Ashna said,” urgent actions will be taken to introduce the new nominees, and efforts will not be delayed at all cost and the voting process for the ministers nominees will soon begin, efforts will also be made to introduce Ministers to their belonging positions before the Afghan lawmakers vacation begins.”

Lawmakers have warned the Government to introduce the new minister’s nominees before end of the coming week otherwise our winter season vacation begins.

Head of the auditing committee in lower house of the parliament Asadullah Sadati said,” it depends to the Government if they Governmental officials decide to introduce the new nominees till the end of this week we will include them in to the voting process otherwise we will go to our winter vacation.”

A question rises that whether those Ministers who have introduced their working plan to receive trust votes?

Reported by : Hameed Sediqi

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