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‘Afghan Military Forces Suffer Poor Leadership in Fight Against Enemies’

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2017)

1028335092A number of Parliament Members say Afghan military forces are suffering from weak leadership and there is no management and proper commanding in security ranks.

In Afghanistan, members of the country’s national security forces are facing several internal challenges, even as they are locked in intense fighting with the Taliban

Representative of Kandahar at the Lower House of Parliament, Shekiba Hashemi said, “oppositions have strong leadership but we do not have. All the nation are tired of the war. How long would this situation continues?.”

Some of the lawmakers said the main challenge is the appointment of relatives in senior positions and no one appoints for qualification.

Representative of Herat, Munawar Shah said, “the situation reaches to a point that meritocracy is not considered for appointing individuals.”

Kandahar representative, Sayeed Muhammad Akhund said, “the Human Rights commission defends the Pakistan and terrorism or the innocent people? the commission has never had a clear position against the mass killings of innocent people.”

Afghan lawmakers also criticized the National Unity Government, saying nearly three years passed since the formation of this government but it failed to complete its cabinet so far.

This comes as the widespread poverty, unemployment and insecurity have raised peoples’ concerns.

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