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Afghan Military Base, Checkpoints Fall to Taliban in Kunduz

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2018)

The armed Taliban group has attacked an Afghan military base, two security checkpoints, collapsed them and killed at least four local Police in Kunduz province, officials confirmed.

According to the provincial head of Kunduz, the Taliban militants stormed a military base in Imamuddin square and two security checkpoints in Imam Saheb district of the province.

A provincial council member declared that at least four local police were also wounded in Taliban’s attacks.

He claimed that Afghan forces have suffered heavy casualties during the attacks.

However, the Kunduz Police commander stated that the backup forces have been sent to the Imam Saheb district to cover the attacked forces.

The Imam Saheb district is one of the insecure districts of Kunduz which borders Tajikestan. Now most parts of the district is under the control of Taliban group.

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