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Afghan migrants will return Home: Ghani

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2015)



Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani who has visited Sweden has stated that those Afghan migrants who aren’t accepted by the Swedish Government will be returned home.

Sweden Prime Minister has stated that Afghan migrants specially those Afghan migrants who are underage causes serious problems for both countries.

Afghan migrants issue has been on the agenda of the president Ghani official trip to European countries.

Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said,” most of the migrants who are coming to Sweden are Afghans, most of them are underage and without family which are causing serious problems for both countries, this year we have received more than 2,0000 Afghan migrants came to Sweden, efforts are underway to recognize those are not permitted to live in Sweden to return to Afghanistan..”

We have agreed that this issue is from both sides, the main factors of immigration is poverty, low knowledge, and distrusts, we will review the issues, based on the information part of the Afghans whom were living in the third country have come to Sweden, what we have agreed to begin talks to find best results for the issue President Ghani added.

In order to have good relationships with Afghanistan we have announced our 1 $ billion aids from 2015 up to 2024.

Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said,” we have announced our 1 $billion aid to Afghanistan in coming 10 years, and I m closely watching the Afghanistan, reformation programs,in order to have strengthened relationships in Afghanistan we have signed some cooperation agreements which includes human rights protection specially the rights of women, and full supports of Sweden in democracy system.”

Once again Sweden Prime Minister announced its supports on peace and stability of Afghanistan,and willing to extend its Sweden troops presence under the resolute support mission in Afghanistan.

Reported by Nasrat Parsa

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