Afghan media objects to information access restrictions

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2020)

Today, Tuesday, February 04th, 2020, Afghan media, including Ariana News, released a joint statement, signed by some 30 Afghan news outlets, in protest to ‘the deterioration of access to government-related information’.

The statement underlines that the freedom of media is a ‘hard-won achievement’ in Afghanistan, but the ‘government’s carelessness’ has endangered it.

Also, the statement writes that the government has a double standard towards implementing the access to information law and supporting free media.

“There cannot be a simpler or clearer example than a censored photo coming out of an event where the government had joined the coalition to support the free press,” the statement exemplifies.

It concludes with calling on the authorized parties to help resolve the dilemma in its best possible way.

“We call on the Afghan government, the international community and media support organizations to act in the strongest possible ways to safeguard the free flow of information, our press freedom, and our young democracy,” the statement concludes.

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