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Afghan leaders to visit Washington for re-examining U.S. withdrawal plan

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2015)

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Afghan National Unity Government leaders will travel to the United States of America next month to negotiate on U.S. mission in Afghanistan after 2016.

The NUG leaders are scheduled to meet the U.S. President Barak Obama and The Congress members on the late of March 2015 in order to ask for re-examining the American troop’s withdrawal plan from Afghanistan.

Sayed Tayeb Jawad, International advisor of the Chief Executive Officer said,” This is a very crucial visit for Afghanistan because we have signed strategic agreement with Washington and we will discuss on our strategic plans for good governance, economic and security with our American counterpart”.

This travel will happen after signs of ISIL activities were reported recently in Afghanistan, but ANSF Forces are well prepared to tackle these challenges.

Afghanistan has passed successfully the transition period, but new risks are raising in the region and the U.S. will downsize their forces in Afghanistan too, this travel paves the way to negotiate these issues in order to extend the American forces support training and advising mission for Afghan Security Forces,” Mr. Jawad added.

The decision revealed after Obama stated on his National Security Strategy regarding Afghanistan that,” Our counter-terrorism strategy is still at work in Afghanistan,” he also added that,” Now, we are focused on supporting a sovereign and stable Afghanistan that will not be a safe haven for al-Qaida terrorist. Even as we help develop Afghan security forces, we will continue to keep pressure on al-Qa’ida through a capable counterterrorism mission”.

Aziz Rafi, a political expert said,” I think Americans will be stationed in Afghanistan for a long time and I hope they keep their forces here for a long time too”.

The U.S. ended their combat mission in Afghanistan and now the President Obama has planned to withdraw all U.S. forces by the end of 2016 as he leaves the chair for his successor who will win the elections.

Reported By: Nasrat Parsa

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