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Afghan Lawmakers Want MoU (NDS-ISI) Document Reviewed

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2015)



Members at the lower house of the parliament have insisted to review the Kabul-Islamabad Memorandum of understanding document on exchanging of the security details and joint combating terrorism into both countries.

The mutual memorandum of understanding document was signed some days ago in Kabul by both officials from Pakistan and Afghanistan, the objective of the MoU is to come to an end and jointly combat terrorism and exchange security information about both countries.

They have also called the following document as stigma and it must be reviewed, mentioning that Afghan officials have taken the hasty action so immediately.

First deputy of the house Zahir Qadeer said,” by signing the following document We will indirectly stand on the faces of Pashtun, Baluch, and Pakistani National that means we have officially recognized the Duran line.”

The other member of the house Shukrai Paikan said,” the following memorandum of Understanding in between Kabul-Islamabad is a stigma; the main factor for insecurity of Afghanistan is Pakistan.”

Pakistan has been creating challenges for Afghanistan, still supports Taliban and terrorists are in their safe houses located in Pakistan Asadullah Saadati said.

Afghan lawmakers have criticized the National Unity Government performances saying both leaders do not agree with each other over the National interests and important issues belong the country, taking hasty actions.

Mp Ghulam Farooq Majroh said,”both leaders do not simply agree on National and important issues,gradually they get regretted, we face serious challenges coming from Pakistan, they have always sought their own policies within Afghanistan’s territory.”

Its said that even President of Afghanistan means the MoU document to be reviewed.

Reported AbdulAziz Karimi



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