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Afghan Investors Willing to Invest on Chicken Farming

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2015)


Afghan investors are willing to invest farming chickens in Afghanistan.

They have criticized the Officials in Ministry of Agriculture and live stocks for not supporting their business on creating chicken farms in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of live stocks have urged that we do support investors especially on chicken farming.

They have also mentioned some the chicken farming have been created already in different parts of Kabul by Ministry of Agriculture and live stocks,which aren’t used significantly.

Afghan investors have expressed their supports and readiness to use those chicken farms and invest jointly.

Member of the chicken union Sayed Habib Rasouli said,” dozens of Afghans willing to invest together with the Government on chicken farms,but there are some who aren’t willing to support the mutual business in Ministry of Agriculture and live stocks.”

Head of the live stocks in Ministry of Agriculture Mohammad Arif Amanyar said,” we have supported the private sectors, Afghanistan currently needs 240 thousand tons of chicken meat, Afghan meat providers could provide 140 thousand ton of chicken meat meaning it doesn’t resolve the demand of the purchasers .”

Based on the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and live stock Afghanistan will be self-sufficient on providing chicken meats by coming 8 years.

All the investments on providing chicken meats comes after that National Unity Government leaders will focus on boosting economy in coming six months.


Reported Mohammad Aslam Ihjab



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