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Afghan HPC Ready for Peace Talks Through Taliban Preferred Mechanism

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

The High Peace Council of Afghanistan (HPC) said today that the council is ready for peace talks with the Taliban through any preferred mechanism by the militant group.

Karim Khalili, the Chairman of HPC who was talking in a conference with reporters in Kabul further added that wherever the Taliban prefer, they will provide the means and office for peace talks.

He also said that there is much difference between the Taliban and Islamic State or Daesh.

“The Taliban is a different group from Daesh. Our main goal or target is the Taliban in peace process. If we think Taliban and Daesh alike, that is wrong,” said Karim Khalili, the HPC Chairman today, December 06 at a press conference in Kabul.

He said that Islamic State is not on the agenda of peace process and the group just desires to be eliminated from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Karim Khapalwak, the Secretariat Chief of HPC said that the council is ready to negotiate with the Taliban based on the demands of Afghan people.

“We call on the Taliban that we are ready for reconciliation through any mechanisms you prefer. But when you don’t accept peace, then the people of Afghanistan will decide about it,” noted Mr. Khapalwak.

The current HPC Chairman further criticized the previous efforts of the council and claimed that it has adopted new strategies to provide circumstances for the peace talks.

Afghanistan High Peace council officials also reiterated that Pakistan is the only country in the region which is not willing to support Afghan peace process and that HPC delegations have already kicked of its efforts during the recent visit from Indonesia to attract the supports of Islamic scholars for Afghan Peace process.

As stated Mr. Khalili, a delegation of Indonesian Islamic Scholars will soon visit Afghanistan and announce their supports from Afghan peace process.

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