Afghan Health Providers Call Mps to Vote for Professional and Experts

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2015)

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Afghanistan Health providers have demanded the lower house of the parliament to vote for professional and experts Ministers.

They have welcomed a decision through a letter to the Presidential officials for appointing Dr. Ferozuddin Feruze as the Minister candidate for the Ministry of public health, and wanted Afghan Government to be trouble shooter of the existed challenges on health sector in Afghanistan.

Head of the Obstetric gynecology unit Dr.Awida Dahyad said, “fortunately our political figures have found out that we should let the Health sector away from the political games and issues, instead let the health providers to have their own professional issues to be discussed which this issue will assist health care services to get improved in the country.”

Head of the Ear and throat unit in Ibnisina Hospital Dr, Hafizullah Safi said,” we demand the Afghan Nation representatives in the house of the parliament to vote for such professional and health sector active member Dr, Ferozuddin Feroz as the Minister of Public health their positive action will help health sector to be improved professionally.”

The other Health active member Dr, Mirwais Akbary has also appreciated for picking Mr Ferozuddin as the Health care head and he expected the law makers to have their regular sustainable supports from health care sectors.

All the active health care sector associations have insisted that health services in Afghanistan should be as professional and standard and we should support it and guide it in the right direction.


Reported by: Wahid Nowisa

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