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Afghan gov’t writes off Iranian inmates fines

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2016)


President Ghani has written off the AFN 5.7 million fines which was payable by the five Iranian national who were arrested and jailed for smuggling drugs, the Afghanistan Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) said on Monday.

According to the statement of the source, the Afghan government has handed over the inmates who have already completed 16 years of imprisonment to the Iranian Embassy in Kabul.

CJTF said the action by the Afghan government was taken after the Iranian authorities in Kabul requested the fines to be written off.

The inmates were serving in Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul and had completed their jail term, the statement added.

Earlier, Afghan government handed over three Ugandan prisoners who were charged for drug smuggling and were completed their period of imprisonments in Afghanistan.

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