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Afghan Gov’t to launch 5 year old policy to remove Terrorists: Minapal

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2016)



Afghanistan Governmental officials have stated that the 5 year old policy of Afghanistan security forces have declared the enemies position and it also indicated ways of combating against terrorism in the country.

President Deputy Spokesman has stated that the following policy explains the needs of the Afghan security forces incoming 5 years, it will also gain grounds for Afghan security forces and enable them to have the majority parts of the country’s control.

Meanwhile Army chief of Staff called Afghans to get together against Taliban insisted that Pakistan have provided safe places for the following terrorist group.

President Deputy Spokesman Dawakhan Minapal said,” 5 Year old policy declares the position of Afghan Government against Taliban, soft targets and insecure areas have been addressed, if  the plan is implemented it will enable Afghan security forces to have the major part of Afghanistan.”

Afghanistan Army Chief of staff doesn’t call Pakistan as good neighbor, because the following country has sheltered Terrorists and its affiliates for years in order to meet its goal in Afghanistan, we assure that  Taliban will fail again by launching the military operation called Omari in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Army Chief of staff Qadamsha Shaheem said,” Taliban are in Pakistan, they have shelters and even launch their cold war activities, I repeat once again Taliban will fail in Afghanistan.”

 Taliban trying to launch a military operation against Afghan security forces incoming spring, but Afghan security forces have launched a military operation called Shafaq for removing Taliban in 15 provinces and it still continues.

 Reported by Fawad Nassiri


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