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Afghan Gov’t ready for withdrawal/decrease of foreign troops: Ghani

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2020)

Ashraf Ghani, the Afghan president on the sideline of the  World Economic Forum said that the Afghan government does not have any issue with the foreign forces’ withdrawal, but if the trend of withdrawal is going to be negotiated with the Taliban rather than the government, the Afghan war will shift to a new level.

The presidential palace in a statement quoting Ghani said, “If the process of withdrawal is discussed with the Taliban, it will mean the beginning of a war, but if it’s discussed with the Afghan government, it is manageable.”

The US forces’ withdrawal is one of the main topics of negotiations in Doha, but has the USA decided on its forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan?

“Both the USA and the Taliban have agreed on all of the foreign forces’ withdrawal including the USA within 14 months gradually. In the first phase, around 5500 US troops will withdraw from five security bases in Afghanistan unconditionally,” said Khalil Safi, head of the US peace institute in Afghanistan.

This comes as the Doha peace talks entered its 5th day, and the Taliban confirmed no improvement on the violence reduction with the US envoys.

Reliable sources indicated that there are some disagreements regarding “violence reduction”.

This comes as the former Finance Minister of the Taliban, Motasem Agha Jan is optimistic about the peace agreement in Qatar saying that, “the Intra-Afghan peace talks will start soon after the Qatar Peace agreement is signed, and there will not be many challenges.”

Additionally, Ashraf Ghani met Angela Merkel, the German prime minister who supported the Intra-Afghan peace talks and showed interest that Germany would like to be the host of the talks.

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