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Afghan Gov’t plans to Reduce Level of Security Challenges

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2016)

abdullahThe Chief Executive of the National Unity Government of Afghanistan said on Monday that a new security plan is underway to avoid civilian causalities, stabilize educational institutions and prevent kidnapping incidents.

“The minister of interior and deputy minister of defense should answer about martyr of our thirty citizens in Ghor province of Afghanistan and meanwhile they should also report about the dead of eight border soldiers,” CE Abdullah Abdullah said at the regular meeting of the council of ministers.

Only five days ago at least 30 civilians were killed by the anti-government militants in Firozkoh district of Ghor province in central Afghanistan.

Government officials said the killings were carried out by a former Taliban unit who had defected from that insurgent group and declared allegiance to the Islamic State. In a separate incident at least eight police officers were killed when militants attacked an outpost in Mohmand Dara district, located near the border with Pakistan, in the eastern province of Nangarhar.  

Beside the Afghan security forces, the ongoing war in Afghanistan has affected civilians, governmental and non-governmental institutions including the schools and hospitals.

“People are worried about the kidnappings, schools are closed. All these issues must be prevented and there is a new plan underway,” Abdullah added in his remarks.

Politicians in the country say, the main reason behind insecurities and increased problems are the tensions between the government leaders and their incompetency.

Taliban militants have increased their attacks across the country especially in the southern and northern provinces and the issue of kidnapping have grown in many parts of the country.

Reported by: Ali Asghari

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