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Afghan Gov’t Has No Plan for Ensuring Peace, Stability, Says Wali Massoud

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2017)

Chairman of National Agenda of Afghanistan says the government has no effective plan to ensure peace and ease growing tensions with neighboring Pakistan.

Following President Ashraf Ghani’s call for “comprehensive political negotiation” with Islamabad, a number of Afghan political parties said talks with Pakistan will not have any positive outcome as they believe government lacks “effective mechanisms” in regard.

“In the process of peace, Afghan people should be in course. How the government is going to have political talks with Pakistan? With what kind of policy?” said Chairman of National Agenda of Afghanistan, Ahmad Wali Massoud. “If it was not cleared negotiations with Pakistan as usual will be defective.”

Meanwhile, Afghanistan National Front said government’s any action in the process of talks with Pakistan should not be “demagogical” but it to be based on “reality and effective plans”.

“We want good relations with [neighboring] countries but it should not be demagogical, honestly should be there because terrorism is a big challenge,” said a member of Afghanistan National Front, Wahidullah Ghazi Khil.

Since last few years on a number of occasions Kabul has engaged in peace talks with Islamabad, but it resulted no effective outcomes. Afghan officials accuse Pakistan of harboring terrorist groups in its soil – operating against Afghanistan. A change denies Islamabad.

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