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Afghan Gov’t Discloses Its Peace Offer to Taliban

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2018)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani offered peace talks with Taliban without preconditions on Wednesday morning after officially opened the Kabul Process  II conference in Kabul.

Ghani proposed a ceasefire and a release of prisoners as part of a range of options including new elections, involving the militants, and revision of the constitution as part of a pact with the Taliban.

He said Afghans from across the country in consultation with government and the High Peace Council (HPC), have reached a consensus on the desire for peace.

“The National Unity Government offers peace talks with Taliban without preconditions,” Ghani said. Adding that peace talks with the Taliban will be implemented in three steps.

The president further said that the government is agreed with opening political office for the Taliban, issue passports for the group members of the Taliban, allow freedom of travel, and assist in removal of sanctions, allow access to media, and agree with the return of their family.

 Kabul Process II meeting which was attending by representatives of 25 countries and three international organizations aimed at creating a platform for peace talks, adds to a series of signals from both the government and the Taliban suggesting a greater willingness to consider dialogue.

Following the conference, a detailed document has been disclosed in which the government mapped out suggestions on the building blocks for peace-making with Taliban and other involved elements.  

  1. A political process: ceasefire, recognition as political party, transitional confidence-building arrangements, and inclusive, credible, free and fair elections;
  2. A legal framework: constitutional review, justice and resolution of grievances, enabling laws or decrees, prisoner release and removal from sanctions lists;
  3. Reorganization of the state: rule of law and reform, balanced spatial development, reintegration of refugees and internally displaced populations;
  4. Security: for the population, as well as for those being reconciled – who are reintegrating;
  5. Economic/social development: inclusive and sustained growth, equitable access to land and public assets, fighting corruption, national job creation programs, reintegration of refugees, and ex-combatants;
  6. International community support and partnership: diplomatic financial support, status of foreign fighters and removal from sanctions;
  7. Implementation modalities, specifying urgent, short and medium-term benchmarks and monitoring and verification mechanisms and arrangements. 

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