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Afghan Government works on new Parliamentary Election draft

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2016)


Officials in Presidential Palace have announced that we have started working on new Parliamentary Election draft to break the current Election deadlock and pave the way for the earliest Election to be held in Afghanistan.

They have stated that holding parliamentary Election is the need of the Nation and will be held on the determined date and time.

Meanwhile officials in CE office have insisted that National Unity Government is committed on holding Parliamentary Election and launch reformation Election.

President decrees on launching reformation in Election have been rejected twice by the Afghan law makers in the houses of the Parliament.

President Deputy Spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashimi said,” Afghan Government is still committed on launching reformation on Election system in Afghanistan, we have started working a new draft to approach the object of the Government, efforts were made to the new Election reformation draft according to the existed laws in the country.”

Meanwhile officials in Chief Executive Office have stated that soon the alternative draft for reformation of Election system with the Nation.

Chief Executive Spokesman Jawid Faisal said,” the next plan will be soon announced, one thing I would like to say that is that Government is committed on bringing reformation on Election commission, because without reformation no parliamentary Election will be held, both leaders of the National Unity Government are insisting over the new draft to be approved.”

Scores of lawyers have believed that if no changes are made on Election system the upcoming Parliamentary Election will not be legalized.

Professor Nasrullah Stanikzai said,” Holding Parliamentary Election is impossible in the current condition, if the Government wants to hold it then first of it should launch some reformation on Election system before that, summer vacation of the Parliament members is golden opportunity for the President to use it for its own benefit.”

After Warsa summit National Unity Government leaders have started working on reformation of the Election system in Afghanistan, one of the commitments of the Afghan leaders for the World was to launch reformation in Election system before they attend the Brussels summit;

Reported by Ali Asghari

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