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Afghan government welcomes progress in US-Taliban talks

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2020)

Afghan government welcomes progress in US-Taliban talks The Afghan government has welcomed progress in the US-Taliban peace negotiation.

Wahid Omar, President Ashraf Ghani’s senior advisor for public and strategic affairs says that the government of Afghanistan cheers the progress made in the peace talks in Duha and that it is looking forward to the next stages of the talks.

Omar emphasizes that Afghans deserve a definite end to the violence in the country which will lead to the intra-Afghan dialogue.

He also underlined that a full ceasefire, by the two laterals in war, was the key element to the intra-Afghan talks. This comes as a day ago, US President Donald Trump confirmed the possibility of a conditional peace deal.

Based on the conditional peace deal, the first 7 days will be probationary when the Taliban should meet their promise of ‘violence reduction’, which will pave the ground for the intra-Afghan talks as well as, the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan.

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