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Afghan Government Welcomes India on APTTA Agreement

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2015)



Officials in of foreign Ministry of Afghanistan have welcomed India on Afghanistan-Pakistan-Tajikistan Trade Agreement (APTTA).

They have declared that joining of India into following agreement will benefit Afghanistan, saying that India Government has also announced that they are to join the agreement APTTA.

Afghanistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Shekib Mustaghani said,” Joining India into the agreement will benefit Afghanistan and the region.”


Meanwhile the Ministry of commerce and industry spokesman Musafir Qoqandi said,” as much as the number of the countries increased within the Union it will benefit Afghanistan and the region.”

However Afghan businessmen have declared the role of the India significant in APTTA.


Head of the Enterprise Borad Rahmuddin Agha also said,” India could play a positive role for Afghanistan and be a great market for Afghanistan’s dry and fresh Fruits, this will have its significant impact that the transits routs have no problems.”

Afghanistan has been facing severe challenges on business and trades from Pakistan, the following country has been trying to be benefited by not letting Afghanistan to have hands in International markets.

Reported by  Nasrat Parsa


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