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Afghan Government Must Not Give Up to Pakistan: Spanta

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2015)


Afghan government must back its recent policy toward Pakistan, former head of the National Security Council Rangin Dadfar Spanta said.

Spanta emphasis that Pakistan actions against Afghanistan are violation against Afghanistan and Pakistan interferences must be stopped.

“Whatever Afghan National Unity leaders have expressed about Pakistan intervention can go ahead without any shake; we will stand and support them to defend our country, Pakistan must stop interference,” Spanta former head of the National Security Council stated.

A senate member believes that without solving issues with Pakistan it is difficult to stabilize Afghanistan.

“As far as we haven’t cut interference in our internal affairs, and have not solved Pakistan issue strictly, I think it is difficult to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan,” Senate deputy speaker Mohammad Alam Ezadyar said.

Anti-Pakistani statements have been increased after Kabul bombings which killed dozens and wounded hundreds including women and children.

Reported by: Hameed Sediqi

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