Afghan Government loses Legitimacy: Mps in Lower House

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2014)

Woelsi Jirga

Speaker of the lower house of the parliament Abdul Raoud Ibrahimi has said,” Afghanistan Government has lost its legitimacy, and it should introduce the new cabinet based on the existed laws for the nation.”


A number of the members of the Wolesi Jirga have declared the establishment of the National Unity Government beginning of instability and crisis in the country, saying yet the Government to meet the pelages made.


Iqbal Safi member of the house said,” those who have made the Government under the name of National Unity Government and willing to divide the power are the plotters of the instability and crisis in the country.”


The other member of the parliament Homaira Ayobi stated that unfortunately war is still going on dividing power which is not acceptable for the Nation.


Head of the house has demanded the National Unity Government to soon introduce the new members of the cabinet for the lower house to retain the trust votes.


One side the case the acting Minister do not feel the responsibility as they should and the other side of the case Afghan Government has lost its legitimacy based on the existed law.


President Ghani had promised to establish the new cabinet after 45 days.


The following concerns come after that Afghan National Unity Government has become 2 months old and yet to see significant achievements made.


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