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Afghan Government Introduces 12 Cabinet Picks for Vote of Confidence

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2017)

Afghan government after several months has finally introduced 12 ministerial nominees for vote of confidence to Wolesi Jirga.

The cabinet picks were introduced as honest, true, and trustworthy individuals by the country’s Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh to the law makers.

The nominees who were introduced have mostly served as care takers of their designated ministries for several months and are as follow:

  1. Tariq Shah Bahrami for Defense Minister
  2. Wais Ahmad Barmak for Interior Minister
  3. Gul Agha Sherzai for Border and Tribal Affairs Minister
  4. Yama Yari for Public Works Minister
  5. Mustafa Mastoor for Economy Minister
  6. Najibullah Khowja Omari for Higher Education Minister
  7. Nargis Nehan for Mines and Petroleum Minister
  8. Faizullah Zaki for Labour, Social Affairs, Marytrs and Disabled Minister
  9. Shahzad Aryoubi for Communications and IT Minister
  10. Hameed Tahmasi for Transport Minister
  11. Naseer Ahmad Durani for Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Minister
  12. Mujib Rahman Karimi for Rural Rehabilitation and Development Minister

Meanwhile some Members of Parliament (MPs) reiterated on introducing members of Afghan Supreme Court and nominees for the remaining ministries being run by care takers.

The Vice President Sarwar Danesh told Afghan MPs that the remaining cabinet members will also be introduced soon.

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