Afghan futsalists invited to world biggest futsal teams

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2015)

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After an impressive show of Afghanistan National Futsal Team in Asian Qualifiers Championship of Tajikistan, the coach of Dynamo Moscow team invited four futsal players of Afghanistan to attend Russia’s biggest club.

Muhammad Reza Karimi, Akbar Kazemi, Sayed Mahdi Hashemi and Ali Amini are the four players who invited to the Dynamo Moscow (Champion of Europe) futsal team.

Officials in Afghanistan Football Federation have also announced support for presence of Afghan players in Russia’s Premier League.

It is scheduled that Afghanistan National Futsal Team in an invitation letter by Russia’s Futsal Committee to have a workouts camp in Moscow and then officials talks to be held for joining of invited Afghan players to Dynamo Moscow team.


Reported by Murteza Danish




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