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Afghan Forces Vow Revenge For Killing of 3 Commanders in Ghazni

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2017)

Afghan local officials who visited the Chaqto district of Ghazni province to probe the killing of three commanders have promised the inhabitants to investigate on the issue and take revenge of them, officials said.

A number of representatives and residents of Chaqto district complaint over insecurity and claim there are no enough security forces and the perpetrators of killing three commanders are in Police ranks and are working now.

The Chaqto residents protested that the district does not have even a building and people have nowhere to solve their problems.

In the meantime, the Ghazni police commander confirmed the security challenges in the district and committed to take serious measures for equipping and returning Afghan security forces who have assigned to other areas.

According to the Chaqto inhabitants, the district has its own security but the neighboring district bordering Chaqto has made it threatening and challenging.

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