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Afghan Forces Surround Dostum’s House, Office

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)

dostumReports suggest that Afghan security forces and quick reaction unit of police have stationed around the house and office of the first vice president, General Abdul Rashid Dostum.

General Dostum’s house locates in Sheerpor area of Kabul, few kilometers North West of the presidential palace.

Afghan forces deployed around the house of Gen. Dostum hours after the unexpected presence of the vice president in his office.

Sources told Ariananews that Gen. Dostum and Ahmad Ishchi’s case has not been solved, but the first vice president show up at his office along with his accused guards.

The attorney general of Afghanistan has previously ordered the arrest of nine vice-presidential bodyguards over accusations of rape and torture over a political rival, and the vice president himself remains under investigation.

Ahmad Ishchi, a 63-year-old elder from Uzbek ethnic group, has accused the vice president of abducting him from a sports stadium in November, personally and repeatedly beating him, and ordering his men to sexually assault him with an assault rifle during five days of captivity in the northern province of Jawzjan.

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