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Afghan Forces Step Up Attacks on Taliban After Ceasefire: MoD

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

Afghan forces have expanded their military operations and attacks on Taliban which more than 600 of them were killed or wounded during a week, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said.

“The enemies of Afghanistan had more than 350 people casualties after the ceasefire,” Muhammad Radmanish, spokesman of MoD said.

Radmanish noted the airstrikes on Taliban have also intensified compared to the past.

MoD claims that at least 8 to 12 airstrikes carries out every day which reduces the number of operational areas for the troops.

American and Afghan forces responded with a dramatic increase in air power since early 2017, with the number of weapons released tripling in the first two months of 2018 compared with a year earlier.

Afghan security forces are conducting operations against the armed oppositions in nearly ten provinces which suppressing the Daesh group is also among their targets.

Violence has intensified in Afghanistan since US President Donald Trump unveiled a more aggressive strategy in August with US–led forces carrying out more air strikes and the Taliban responding with bombs, ambushes and raids.

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