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Afghan Forces Retake Farah District, Blame Iran

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2017)

The Afghan security forces retook control of Farah’s Shib Koh district after the group overrun the district Monday midnight, officials said.

Provincial Council Member, Dadullah Qani, said Taliban militants took the district’s equipment with themselves and torched the district building before leaving the area.

But police officials say the Afghan forces recaptured the district after reinforcements arrived.

“After the police and army forces arrived, the Taliban insurgents escaped,” Farah Deputy Police Chief Gul Bahar Mujahid said,” and two police rangers set on fire during the clashes.”

Mujahid questions Taliban’s access to Russian weapons and equipment, saying the group is being supported by Iran, Afghanistan’s western neighbor.

“How Taliban are equipped with night vision and Russian weapons?” he asked and replied,” it is obvious, they are getting these equipment and support through Iran.”

Iran has always been accused by Farah provincial officials for supporting the Taliban insurgent group, a claim which Tehran denies.

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