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Afghan forces ready to defend country ‘at anytime’, says defend minister

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2016)

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Afghan national defense minister in the sixth graduation ceremony of Afghan military officers stressed on readiness of Afghan forces for defending the country at anytime.

The defense minister called on Afghan officers to make further efforts in defending the territorial integrity.

“I want all Afghan military officer to be responsible in defending the country and defending the territorial integrity should be one of their priorities,” said Abdullah Habibi, minister of defense.

Now, the United States, NATO, and the Afghan government itself are gambling that the security forces are also ready – or ready enough – to take the lead in defending the entire nation from Taliban forces and Islamist insurgents.

In the meantime, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Kabul praises the Afghan young officers’ heroism.

“We praise the courage of Afghans who become ready to experience the dangerous moments of their life in defending their country,” said Dominic Jeremy, UK ambassador to Afghanistan.

Evidence is mixed as to the readiness of Afghanistan’s Army soldiers and National Police to assume the lead in planning and fighting the war.

How ready the Afghan forces actually need to be may depend in part on reconciliation talks between the government and representatives of the Taliban; which the next round is still unclear.

On the other hand, advancing peace talks could mean more violence, at least in the short term, as fighters look to advance bargaining positions – or if some aim to derail the talks.

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