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Afghan Forces Push Back Taliban Attack on Kunduz City

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2019)

Afghan security forces have pushed back a Taliban attack over the capital of northern Kunduz province, an official said on Saturday.

Enamuddin Rahmani, a spokesman for Kunduz police said that Taliban militants launched a large-scale attack from four directions over Kunduz city early on Saturday morning.

He added the fighting continued between the two sides for hours and eventually the insurgents retreated with heavy casualties.

However, a local official and Kunduz residents expressed their concerns regarding the security situation of the province.

Ghulam Rabbani Rabbani, a member of Kunduz Provincial Council told Ariana News that Taliban militants overrun several outposts last night, adding that there will be a “catastrophe” if the insurgents are not suppressed.

According to health officials, at least six people were killed and 39 others including women and children were injured as a result of the fighting between government and Taliban forces.

This comes as the Taliban insurgent group announced their annual spring offensive under the name of Al-Fath on Friday.

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