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Afghan Forces Praised for Securing Polling Centers

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2019)

A day after Afghanistan’s presidential elections, people praised security forces for their role in providing a safe environment for voters on Election Day.

More than 70,000 security forces were deployed across the country to ensure the security of Afghanistan’s presidential elections on September 28.

Meanwhile, 30,000 security forces including Afghan Air Forces were in standby.

Heavy security measures were taken for all polling centers across the country.

The Taliban insurgent group repeatedly threatened to disrupt the elections by attacking Afghan forces guarding the process and polling centers.

However, the Election Day ended in a secure environment though Taliban militants posed threats to some polling centers in different provinces.

“I’m very thankful from our security forces because they secure polling centers with high morale. They are national heroes,” said a resident of eastern Nangarhar province.

“The security situation was very good. People cast their vote safely,” said a resident of Kandahar province.

Former military officials believe that Taliban failed to conduct their plans.

“The insurgents cannot stand against Afghan military forces,” said Dawlat Waziri, a retired army general.

“There was a very good leadership within the Afghan defensive and security forces,” said Abdul Wahab Wardak, another retired general.

“Though the enemies of Afghanistan claim that they control 60 percent of the Afghan soil but Afghan forces performed an extra-ordinary job,” said Atiqullah Amarkhail, a military commentator.

Despite of having a better security environment and Afghan forces sacrifices for the election process, there was a low voter turnout due to different factors including Taliban’s threats that may call into question the inclusiveness of the election.

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