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Afghan Forces Paying ‘Double Cost’ With Tactical Retreats, Say Military Analysts

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2017)

Military Analysts believe Afghan forces paying double cost with tactical retreats against insurgents. They say the move, not only causes the ammunition to fall into the hands of militants, but it also creates mistrust between the government and the people.

The tactical retreat from the areas being under heavy assault by the militants “rises the moral of the enemy in battle ground and causes casualties to the government forces,” said Atiqullah Amarkhil, a military analyst.

“When a district falls, definitely, the ammunition will go into the hands of the insurgents ,” said a military analyst, Miagul Khalid. “They will redefine themselves and fight against [the Afghan forces], which still needs a great deal,” he added.

The Defense Ministry, however, insisted that the plan is not something to deceive the public.

“The tactical retreat of [Afghan forces] is based on military principles, not something imaginary as the people might think,” Dawlat Waziri, Spokesman for the Defense Ministry explained.

The Afghan officials on number of occasions have reported that they made a strategic retreat from the areas that are heavily under attack of the insurgents. The military analysts believe the move is more in favor of “enemies”.

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