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Afghan forces killed 13 militants in Maidan-e Wardak

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2015)


Afghan local officials said they killed at least 13 militants during several military operations carried out Nerkh, Sayed Abad, Jalriz and Daymirdad districts over the past 24 hours.

Maidan-e Wardak Press Office in a newsletter said that in a clash that was conducted yesterday between security forces and the armed Taliban group in Deh- Hayat district of Nerkh, closely 7 militants were killed and four others were wounded.

According to the newsletter, in another conflicts in Jalriz and Day Mirdad districts 6 armed oppositions were also killed.

Local officials further added that the Afghan civilians have not suffered any causality, except two local police were injured in Day Merdad.

The armed oppositions of the government have still not commented regarding the incidents.

Maidan-e Wardak is one of the insecure provinces of Afghanistan which in some of its parts the militant groups are activating.

In the meantime, officials of the Doshi district of Baghlan province say that at least 5 civilians were injured during Taliban attacks on Afghan security forces.

Sahmsuddin Sarhadi, chief district of Dushi told to media outlets that the armed Taliban group with an ambush on security commander’s vehicle started gunfire on Thursday.

Taliban have claimed that they have destroyed a military vehicle and killed three of Afghan security forces.

But these statements have been rejected by Baghlan’s local officials; adding Afghan security forces have not suffered any causality.

Since warring sides exaggerate the casualties of opponents in Afghanistan, it is difficult to verify with independent sources in the militancy-plagued country.

Militancy and conflicts usually get momentum in spring and summer in Afghanistan commonly known as fighting season among Afghans.




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