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Afghan Forces ‘Conducted 1900 Air Raids’ against Insurgents since last 9 months

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2017)

Afghan forces have conducted as many as 1900 air strikes against the Taliban insurgents across the country since last nine months, officials said Sunday.

Mohammad Shoaib Pilot, Commander in chief of Afghan Air Force said that they have carried out 27 operational flights in total since last nine months, adding that the flights have been launched to supply the security forces in the battleground and to target the insurgents’ hideouts across the country.

“Air forces have been doing their job by supplying the defense and security forces and suppressed the enemies in the current year,” Maj. Gen. Pilot said.

 The Afghan air forces are being supported by the U.S. government. Commander Pilot said that based on the government’s four-year war strategy, the Afghan National Army (ANA) will improve.

“We have a four-year plan for supplying our staff and rise their capability which will be completed in 2018,” he said.

This comes months after, President Ashraf Ghani has said that the government is committed to equip and maintain the national defense and security force and for this reason will soon allocate $680 million to increase the capabilities and equip the Afghan Air Forces.

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