Afghan Forces Clear Khwaja Ghar District of Militants

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

Afghan security forces cleared Khwaja Ghar district of Takhar province from the existence of Taliban militants, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Thursday.

Taliban fighters launched a coordinated attack over the district on Wednesday and captured key areas in the district.

According to the Ministry of Defense, security forces suppressed Taliban militants through air and ground on Wednesday night and cleared the district.

Commando forces have killed 19 Taliban militants and injured 12 others during the operation in the district.

In addition, a large number of Taliban’s weapon and ammunition have been destroyed too.

The Taliban insurgent group has not made a comment about the report yet.

The insurgents have repeatedly tried to take control of Khwaja Ghar district due to its strategic location. Last year, Taliban fighters attacked the district and killed 31 soldiers.

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