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Afghan forces captured Daesh stronghold in Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2016)

daeshAfghan security forces have captured the residential area of Hafiz Saeed, the leader of Khurasan province of the Islamic State (IS) in eastern Nangarhar province.

Papeen and Gorgory areas of Haska Mina district in Nangarhar province was the center of the so-called IS also known as Daesh group which is now being controlled by the Afghan forces.

Afghan forces have launched an operation under the name of Qahr-e Sailab [the anger of flood] aiming to eradicate Daesh militants from eastern part of the country.

Although many areas in the province is cleared from the existence of Taliban, but people still fears of Daesh threats in their areas.

Daesh fighters have damaged public institutions including hospitals, schools, mosques and civilians houses in Kot district of Nangarhar.

The provincial governor, Saleem Khan Kunduzi vows of government assistance to the people.

Now Daesh black flag is replaced with the flag of the government and it is flying in the sky of the district.

Provincial governor said they have assigned at least 500 Afghan Local Police (ALP) to keep the security in the area and fight any threat by Daesh militants, but local people seems unhappy.

ANSF replacing IS slogans with Afghan flag after capturing their hideouts

201st Corps, 4th brigade commander Mohammad Sangin said that currently the Qahr-e Sailab operation is continuing in Haska Mina district of Nangarhar. Daesh still controls some of the areas in the district where the operation is underway.

A border police commander, Mohammad Ayoub Hassankhail said that last month Daesh was controlling major parts of Haska Mina and they even beheaded the district police chief and 7 other policemen, but now the group has been disintegrated.

Earlier Afghan and Resolute support commanders claimed that all equipments is being provided to Daesh by Pakistan.

Recently General John Nicolson the top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan who was speaking to the reporters in Washington said almost 70 percent of Daesh fighters in Afghanistan are Pakistani Taliban fighters.

Pakistan had long been accused for supporting terrorists to fight against the government of Afghanistan and its foreign allies and its military institutions involvement in terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

Reported by: Rahmatullah Ziarmal

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