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Afghan Forces Break Taliban Siege on Andar District

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

The Afghan security forces has managed to break a three-day Taliban siege on Andar district of Ghazni province, official confirmed Friday.

“We captured the district during the night. We opened the routes to the district and broke the siege of the enemies and the enemies have experienced heavy losses,” the 203rd Thunder Corps commander, General Shaur Gul said.

According to the army commander, the district was completely cleared from the existence of the Taliban armed militants during the operation.

Provincial police chief, General Mohammad Zaman Khosti confirms that at least 28 security personnel were killed and 18 others wounded during the three day clashes.

In addition, he claims that 69 Taliban militants including Mullah Edrees who was the groups “red unit” commander, were also killed and 17 other militants were injured.

On October 13, Taliban attacked Andar district center after detonating a Humvee stolen from Afghan security forces with explosives. At least 25 security personnel and five civilians were killed and nearly 60 people were injured.

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