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Afghan Forces battle Insurgent Groups in 16 Provinces: MoD

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2017)

vlcsnap-2017-05-12-18h56m36s25Afghan security forces battling the insurgents groups mainly the Taliban and Islamic State in 16 provinces, in between seven provinces are under serious threats of the militants, the Defense Ministry said Friday.

These seven insecure provinces are  Sar-e-Pul in north, Badakhshan and Kunduz in northeast, Nangarhar in east and Helmand & Zabul in southwest.

Adding to chaos, the Taliban captured Qal-e-Zal district in Kunduz about a week ago and closed the Kunduz-Khanabad highway to traffic after the seizure of six security checkpoints in the highway.

But the government forces are currently in battle with group to retake control of the district and open the highway to traffic.  

“The conflict is raged, it said Kunduz city will collapse and because of that people have left their homes,” a Kunduz resident said.

The Afghan Defense Ministry; however, assured Kunduz city will not fall into the hands of the militants.

“The collapse of Sar-e-Pul and Kunduz city will remain only a dream for the enemies,” said Deputy Spokesman of the Defense Ministry, Mohammad Radmanish.

It comes as the Afghan forces have conducted 19 operations across the country, and according to military officials, the Islamic State strongholds have been suppressed  in eastern parts of Afghanistan mainly by airstrikes, and government have taken control of some parts of the restive provinces.

“The U.S. drone strikes have eliminated the positions of the insurgents and the air strikes mainly targeting the strongholds of their leaders,” Radmanish added.

Reported by Bais Hayat, Edited by Shakib Mahmud 

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