Afghan First Lady Stresses Women Role in Economic Growth

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Afghanistan first lady, Rolla Ghani at the second women empowerment program in agriculture sector said that more than 60 percent of Afghan women are farmers and have valuable role in the country’s economy.

“Women have an essential role in the economy. I have the right to encourage them. We would improve faster if the Afghan women stand alongside of men to stabilize the country,” Rollah Ghani said.

The Minister of Agriculture, Nasir Ahmad Durani declared that the empowerment of Afghan women in agriculture sector is the top priority for the ministry.

“The Ministry of Agriculture is committed to empower Afghan women and girls for a stable development in agriculture sector,” Durani said.

The Afghan women have the most participation in national and local economic growth through activities in the agriculture and industry sectors.

“The empowerment of women in agriculture sector is an effective way to increase Sustainable employment opportunities, and the solution to the problem of unemployment at the village level and, ultimately, financial independence and self-sufficiency, said Delbar Nazari, the minister women affairs.

The first women’s empowerment program in the agriculture sector was held in the solar year 1395.

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