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Afghan Education Still Lacks Quality: IWA

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2018)

Despite millions of dollars being contributed for the improvement of education in Afghanistan, the quality and integrity of education is still low in the country.

According to the Integrity Watch of Afghanistan (IWA), mismanagement, lack of transparency and corruption are the main reasons for the loss of the international aids for the education system in the war-torn Afghanistan.

The organization has conducted a survey in 276 schools in 10 provinces of Afghanistan’s 34 province to find out about the infrastructure and security conditions, existence of professional instructors and access of students and teachers to education materials.

Based on the findings, the United States has invested more than $7,596 million to support Afghanistan’s education system, but still there are 8,000 schools with no buildings in Afghanistan.

“Half of our schools have no building and schools with buildings lacks enough classes,” Sayed Ikram Afzali, the Executive Director of IWA said.

The report suggests that the maintenance condition of schools are worrying. Out of 265 schools, 70 percent of the schools is said to have lack of teaching materials.

Meanwhile, 43 percent of the teachers at these schools are high-school graduates and 20 percent of the schools have limited access to clean water which can affect the students to different diseases.

In addition, insecurity is said to be another challenge in front of education sector in Afghanistan where thousands of schools are still closed due to security issues, depriving millions of children from education.

“Education is a national program and this national program requires a national will or resolve to solve the problems which was existed in the education sector during the last 15 years,” Sardar Mohammad Rahimi, the Deputy Minister of Education for Literacy said.

The Afghan government has named the current solar year as the year of education. But analyst believe it as a symbolic measure instead of improving the education in practical.

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