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Afghan diplomat to US wants Pakistan policy changed

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2016)


Afghanistan Ambassador to United States of America Hamdullah Moheb demanded Pakistan to change its policy towards Afghanistan.

He added the 70 decade policy doesn’t meet all the necessary requirements of 2016 then it needs to be reviewed.

Afghanistan Ambassador to US Hamdullah Moheb said,” As we understand that Terrorism doesn’t recognize boundaries, no one can benefit from it.”

Further he mentioned that I have doubt on Pakistan intention on combating terrorism in the region.

“ Pakistan has stopped the Taliban leaders to join Afghanistan peace talks process, and challenged the peace process several times Afghan diplomat Hamdullah Moheb said,”

Meanwhile ex Pakistani Ambassador to USA has stated that Taliban themselves aren’t interested in joining Afghanistan peace process, Pakistan has also paid the damaged of terrorism.

Reported by Nazira Azim Karimi from Washington DC

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