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Afghan Delegation to Visit Pakistan on Interfering in Afghanistan’s Affairs

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2015)


 An Afghan delegation to visit Pakistan officials and present clear documentations on its interfering to Afghanistan’s affairs for Pakistan Government, Existed Foreign Embassies and United Nations Security Council incoming future officials said.

A number of Afghan experts have stated that Afghan Government should warn Pakistan and present clear documents on interfering of Pakistan into Afghanistan’s affairs to Pakistan Government.

They have warned if the above mentioned trip of Afghan delegation doesn’t provide good outcomes then Afghan Government should begin cold war against Pakistan.

Afghan President after ten months of its leadership in Afghanistan has harshly spoken towards Pakistan’s Government saying we hoped peace but Pakistan still sends Terrorists into Afghanistan.

Based on his statements he made an Afghan delegation to visit Pakistani Officials, presenting clear interfering documentation in Afghanistan’s affairs in coming Thursday.

Afghan experts insisted on open presentation of documentation on Pakistan into Afghanistan’s affairs the world should also be understood.

Afghan Political expert Ahmad Saiedi said, “the Afghan delegation should present the past and current interfere ring of Pakistan Government into Afghanistan to Pakistani officials in open session so that the world should also come to know where the problems created, they should also submit the documents to United Nation security council.”

Though Pakistan doesn’t want to help Afghanistan on peace process, there should necessary measurements adopted.

Military expert Atiqullah Amarkhail said, “first of we need to get together with Afghan Assembly both houses,and having their points of view on the aspect will legalize our claims, we are out patient don’t want to see our countrymen lose their life as the result of terrorist attacks launched by Pakistan.”

Head of the International committee in the lower house of the parliament Abdul Qadir zazay has said, “if Pakistan doesn’t change its foreign policy towards Afghanistan, we will cut off our diplomatic relationships.”

After Afghan National Unity Government leaders have harshly spoken about Pakistan interfering into Afghanistan’s affairs accusing Pakistan for dishonesty of years.

Reported by Hameed Sediqee

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