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Afghan Delegation Makes Visit to Pakistan for Talks

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2018)

An Afghan delegation led by the political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign (MoF) made a visit to Pakistan for bilateral talks, MoF said.

The Ministry of Foreign stated that the visit about the continuation of talks between Afghan and Pakistani officials for finalizing the Kabul summit.

However, the former adviser to President Ghani, Ahmadullah Alizai has expressed pessimism over the talks and called it a deception for the people.

“Unfortunately, these visits end with no result and are just for wasting the time. These meeting always had negative results too,” Alizai said.

The head of Parliament’s internal security commission, Mirdad Najrabi also noted that has never stand by its commitments to the Afghanistan.

“They want to continue their policy against Afghanistan as the past and support terrorism. They will not attack any of terrorist in their soil,” Najrabi added.

This comes as the top Afghan security officials recently have also made a surprise visit to Pakistan to discuss mutual cooperation with civilian and military leaders following a series of deadly Taliban and other militant attacks in Afghanistan.

Increased militant violence in Afghanistan has fueled Kabul’s tensions with Islamabad amid accusations insurgents used sanctuaries in Pakistan to plot recent suicide bombings, with the help of the country’s spy agency, ISI.

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