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Afghan Commanders Fired after Soldiers Complain about Lack of Food

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2017)

Two Afghan commanders have been fired after several soldiers complaining about lack of food in a released video,  the Interior Ministry (MoI) Spokesman, Najib Danish said on Saturday.  

In the video, published on MoI Spokesman’s Facebook page, a group of soldiers identified as members of  Afghan Public Protection Forces were seen sitting for dinning with a bowl of soup (Shorba), apparently in poor quality.

“We are eight in total, have a look at it!. It should be given to a human or a dog?”

One of the soldiers claimed he got sick after eating such a meal for four days during Ramadan.

“I could not fast for three days because of such food, how it is possible to fast with such a meal,” another soldier claimed.

However, Danish said two relevant commanders –  the Battalion commander of the of the Public Protection Forces and the Company commander have been dismissed from their jobs and were referred for prosecution. 

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